Back in Getxo

Got back late on the 26th and have been busy shopping, cleaning, visiting Bilbao, testing  our new cruising chute, taking the tender for a spin and generally chilling. There being no WiFi here the full exciting up date will have to wait till I get to Porto next week or Valeria does updates when she’s home.

All is proceeding to plan otherwise and I set off for Porto on Monday.

2 thoughts on “Back in Getxo”

  1. Valeria / Chris

    Well, you’ve done it! Well done. Windependent looks superb and I’m sure she’ll look after you well during the coming seasons afloat.

    I’ve been keeping an eye on the new website. Porto’s the next port of call – a great place to visit. We dropped-in on passage down to the Algave a few weeks ago. I’ll drop you a restaurant recommendation by e-mail.

    Have fun and stay in touch. Fair winds etc


    1. Hi Danny
      Tried the restaurant but it was closed!
      Thanks for the tip though.
      ‘Fair winds and a following sea”
      Chris and Valeria

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