We had a lazy Sunday morning, 31 Jan, and then set off for the top of the Rock via the cable car avoiding the cab tours at the cable car station.   The cable car ticket includes entry for St Michael’s cave and the Siege Tunnels, but they are at opposite ends of the Rock and the cable car is in the middle of both and it is about a 4 km walk, up and down hill to get around the sights and a further 2 back to the marina. But in all it was worth it.   We have walked down the Rock of Gibraltar.  

Next time we’ll just do St Michael’s Caves, which are quite spectacular.  They are limestone caverns with amazing stalactite / stalagmite formations and apparently they have amazing acoustics.  The main cavern is set with stepped seating and hosts orchestras on a regular basis.   They are also mostly unexplored. During WWII they found further lower caves with a fresh water lake but have yet to find the full extent of the caverns.   They are, so far ‘bottomless’.


DSC_0148 DSC_0143








But I get ahead of myself.   As soon as we arrived at the top of the cable car I decided to change camera lenses, by kneeling down and opening my rucksack …… newbie tourist mistake.   The Maccacs were there within a second thinking ‘food’; worse that a couple of dogs I know.    They are quick but were unlucky; I was a bit slower but there was no food.    Ha Ha.

They did however manage to take another tourist’s bottle of fizzy drink, and drink it, and a coat.   We did an ID Parade of the usual suspects but they all look the same ……..

Monkey 3 Monkey 1Monkey 2

Morocco from the top of The Rock
Morocco from the top of The Rock
Windependent from the Rock
Windependent from the Rock

We also had some good views of Morocco and Windependent from the top of the Rock.



It was a tiring day but interesting.   John cooked us steak sandwiches and we then went ashore to find a internet connection.  This is a consistent problem in Marinas and it generally easier to find a pub / bar / restaurant with Wifi; so we sat in a pub caller the Trafalgar and I sat ’blogging’ over a pint of London Pride.





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