Bob and Margaret – words and photos

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Bob and Margaret Dewhurst.   Valencia – 9 to 21 March 2016

This was our first trip to Valencia designed and beautifully project managed by Valeria (VMT stands for ‘Valeria Melo Thorne Tours’ now as well as ‘Valeria Mean Time’!). We eventually stayed with our lovely and generous hosts, Chris and Valeria, for twelve nights (they deserve a medal). I say ‘eventually’ because we had planned a trip inland but this fell through at the last minute.

Views in the City of the Arts
Views in the City of the Arts

Kind courtesy of our hosts, we spent the first few days familiarizing ourselves with 
this lovely city from its ultra-modern to the more traditional architecture.

6 oldAll this before the crowds arrived to see and take part in the famous Las Fallas. Despite reading about the Festival beforehand and hearing of it from the Valeria and Chris, nothing could have prepared us for the scale and delights of the Festival.

5 old

7 old
Front of the Central Market
9 old
Ceiling in the Contracts Hall of La Llonga

10 ninotStarting at the Museum of the Ninots and working through the ‘fires’(sculptures to be burned) as they were built in the days leading up to the four/five day Las Fallas extravaganza proper, we got some impression of how much effort and passion the Valencian people put into this annual affair.

12There must have been over 25 major constructions some 20m high around the city together with the associated ‘infantil’ versions for children. In all, a few hundred must have adorned the city and surroundings.   The messages they carried (either in signs attached to the individual ninots or intrinsically in the figures) 11were varied: political, satirical, comic and sentimental, erotic and sexual.  It has to be said that a certain lady politician came in for more than her fair share of stick in the political references (and even I recognized her from Valencian TV!).

Over the four/ five days of the Festival proper, there were daily mascletas (very noisy firecrackers being set off in their hundreds and sonic blasts at 2pm each day).  

13 parade14 parade15 parade

There were parades of beautifully dressed women carrying flowers, men and families and night time firework displays too.

16 fireworks still

And who could forget those lights – the length of some of the big streets and about 60m high!

18 lights 2
Lights at Falla Cuba

20 lights 4

After judging of the ninots by public vote (which we all contributed to) and the winning ninot and infantil had been selected for saving from the ‘crema’ (the actual flames of 21 Ayuntamientothe fires themselves), the huge constructions were burned all on St Joseph’s day (19 March) late at night. We joined the fire in the central square (Ayuntamiento) where there must have been half a million people.  Interestingly, crowd control, if there was any, was very light on the tiller and still all went smoothly. 

Robert on the Patio
Robert on the Patio

Away from all this, we were glad of the peace and quiet afforded by Windependent for our siestas and even the odd evening – the Marina Real Juan Carlos 1st being one of the very few quiet spots in the area over these days.

Quite street in Valencia
Quite street in Valencia

Neither of us had ever stayed on a boat before and, to be honest, we were not quite sure what to expect. The movement of the water seemed to help ne sleep and in some ways I likened the experience to living in a large but friendly sea monster with strange habits: odd creaks and noises being its hallmark.

Chris and Valeria were generous, easy-going and wonderful hosts throughout our stay and we had a great time. We seemed to laugh a lot too: words like ‘duck’ and ‘plasterer’ instantly dissolving into laughter by the end of our stay.

We enjoyed some excellent food too: Casa Montana, Casa Carmela and Habituel being particularly memorable. Having eaten Valeria & Chris out of house and ‘boat’, we left for home though our return was delayed by an unscheduled overnight stay in Dusseldorf airport (with a nice, varied bunch of fellow travellers) and our possessions arrived some 36 hours later.

We now need a holiday after all this excitement but a very big THANK YOU goes to Chris and Valeria for a truly memorable experience.