We sailed today, more than we motored ! We left Denia in a westerly Force 4, brilliant as we were heading south east so we sailed out from the coast with the wind in our port quarter, over our left shouder, for a couple of hours before turning south with the wind on the other side to run south. We were doing 6 knots at times!

Cabo San Antonio, south of Denia
Cabo San Antonio, south of Denia

Just after noon the wind stopped, as in died, before spining around to come from the south west, by then just where we were headed, so we motored.
Valeria wanted to do some sight seeing and get in close to Les Bassets, and by 2 the wind had shifted far enough round to enable us to sail into the bay under our Cruising Chute; I say sail, but it was more ‘drifting with style’.

The Chute in action
The Chute in action

The wind was light and fluky but we managed 3 knots at times and being under a half mile off shore we were the biggest, most colourful thing afloat; the Brasinglish are coming!!   I know you’ve seen this before, but it is pretty awesome!

The other use for the Chute .....
The other use for the Chute …..

We had a leisurely lunch as we drifted passed Les Bassets and had to motor out of the bay but as we turned west for Altea, although the wind was from the south west we could just sail close hauled in the general direction of our destination.
Upon arrival they only had one berth that we could fit onto and this was on a rather high quay.  Luckily it was on stilts as the only way we could get ashore was to drop Windy from the davits so we could get close enough (Windy fitted under the jetty) …… even then it was a mountaineering exercise to get ashore for dinner!
And what a dinner. Restaurant Oustau at the top of the hill right below the old church.   Delicious. Monkfish Mouse followed by a Steak with two-cheese sauce. OMG. I wanted to lick the plate. Valeria accused me of being “Boca nervosa’ …… think Pacman and you’ll get the idea.
So we had a full days sailing on every point of sail, tacking and gybing, with all our sails, and a well earned, awesome dinner. Tomorrow we have an entire day of sightseeing, and sampling the local cuisine ……. Pacman …… before setting off again.

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