High and Dry in Palma

We arranged to have the hull cleaned in Palma by a company called STP.  We set off from Las Isletas at 7 and were waiting for the shipyard to open at 8 for our allotted lift out time.   Once out of the water she was set down in the shipyard to be scraped and jet washed. The cleaning only took the morning but we couldn’t be put back in the water because the lift wad booked solid until Friday morning; so we had a day and a half in Palma.

As you can see the boat needed cleaning. She had been given anti fouling when built and I can only think that long stays in Faro and Valence defeated it! Hopefully for the next few months we’ll be moving and the marine growth won’t get too much of a grip; we’ll get clean and the anti fouling done for next year.

What a dirty bottom ....
What a dirty bottom ….

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