San Antonio

The trip round to San Antonio was only about 5 miles and we set off mid morning in pleasant weather which became less pleasant as the day wore on. We sailed most of the northerly leg but by the time we had reached the north end of Sa Conillera (an island at the entrance to San Antonio Bay) we had 15 knots of wind and rain, warm rain, but rain none the less. We were sailing as we rounded the north end of the island and I tried to tack but couldn’t do it, we couldn’t get enough speed up to actually turn through the wind. This I reckon is due to the fouling on the hull.
So we dropped the sails and motored into San Antonio and anchored on the south side of the bay opposite the town and marina. And still it rained. About 4 it stopped so we dropped the tender in the water and went ashore for a visit to the chandlery and to buy some fresh veg and fruit.
San Antonio doesn’t have a particularly good reputation and so I was not suprised that it is a pretty uninspiring place and dedicated to the clubbing, party going youngsters. Later our friends from Valencia described finding a collapsed drunk asleep on some grass as local council workers mowed the lawn around him. . . .
Our foray for fresh food met with limited success, but our decision to buy a bottle of Pimms, well you have to don’t you, met with far greater success! The off licence had a wider product range than the supermarket! That’s San Antonio for you.
On the way into San Antonio Valeria spotted Ian and Tracy on their way back from town in their tender and an exchange of texts arranged a rendezvous in Porto San Miquel for the following afternoon. And so to bed.

Sunset over San Antonio
Sunset over San Antonio

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