New Year

The tradition is the wear white for New Year

We spent the New Year on beach opposite Ermida’s apartment with friends and family and a cool box of beer and Proseco … and when we ran out of the later it was only a 10 minute round trip to the fridge for a couple more bottles!

The rain had stopped earlier in the evening, it was warm and not a breath of wind to disturb the massive firework display launched from a series of barges anchored along the beach.    It was very crowded with people having set up gazebos and ‘fencing off’ areas of the beach but there was still plenty of room for the rest of us and by midnight the beach, which is something over 4 km long, was rammed full of people.   One more tradition is apparently to welcome the New Year by jumping 7 waves, well ripples really it was that calm, and making 7 wishes as you do so!

The fireworks lasted about 15 minutes and were really good, the scope and variety kept your interest and the timing and coordination of all the individual barges was excellent.   And as each of the barges were setting off the same displays it didn’t really matter where you stood, everyone got almost the same view.

Once midnight had passed the crowds thinned a little and many people stay on the beach until dawn to watch the sunrise, hence the gazebos I suppose!   We didn’t join them, missing the dawn and a portion of the morning as well!

New Year’s Day was hot and sunny, until we decided to go out.  Our friends came to pick us up in their car and a soon as we got in, literally, the skies opened.   We postponed our plans for dinner and sat and watched the rain from their apartment block and there wasn’t much else to see but the rain.   The beach is only 100 meters across the road and you couldn’t even see that.        It probably lasted an hour and then was gone.  When we got to the restaurant they we just mopping the last of the flood waters from their floor!

And so 2017 is under way.   In a week we set off for a fortnight of travels through Santa Catarina and Paraná States starting off with a few days with Sara and Joe (they sailed with us in Mallorca) in Florinanopolis.  Valeria has planned our route from there, by car, north to Cornélio Procópio to visit Dayse and Cleber.   This is a road trip of some 850 to 900 km via  Blumenau, Francisco do Sul and Joinville before we fly back to São Paulo from Londrina.


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