Parrots and Crabs

Chris and Anisia came by our hotel and picked us up and took us back to their flat for breakfast. They would have had us stay with them but there are 3 of us and they have two teenage children in a three bed apartment, so instead they have been our private taxi service. We are so lucky with our friends!

……. a bit of preening…..5

But back to the subject. Chris and Anisia have a small white parrot called Tico, which Valeria made fast friends with. After breakfast we were dropped off at a beach on the outskirts of town for the day and sat ourselves under the shades at El Veleiro restaurant, recently bought by a couple of Spanish guys. The food was excellent.

Valeria had a snack of caranguejo or crab, which seriously concerned the local population …… of crabs.   Never thought I’d see a crab look scared !!!!!

“Sit! They’ve seen us!”
“Hide …..!”

We took a stroll along the beach to work off our lunch and had a paddle in the sea. There is only one one beach in North East Brazil, it runs the entire length of the coast, or seems that way.

And returning to El Veleiro we met Paco,  one of the new owners who also owns an ice cream parlour in Malaga. Aparently we have to visit when we are there in the summer. This is a very small world!