Pumpkin, Chrisinho and Tickle

I’ll explain the title in reverse order.

“Olha Valerie, meu nom e T I C K L E, tá bom?”

Tickle‘.  You may recall Chris and Anisia have a small white parrot called Tico? Well actually, they don’t, the parrot is in fact called ‘Tickle‘.  With a Brasilian accent ‘le‘ on the end of a word sounds very like an ‘o‘, so  it is an easy mistake to make, and, hands up, it was Valeria who told me how to spell his name …….. after all, who calls a South American parrot Tickle?

Apparently Tickle did try to tell Valeria,  but who knew??

Chrisinho‘. The endings of words in Portugese imply meaning, more so than in English, so words ending with ‘āo’ indicate something big and when ‘inho’ is used it is as a diminutive, or as a term of endearment. Chrisāo would be ‘Big Chris’ and Chrisinho would be ‘Little Chris’.  Ages ago Chris hinted to Anisia he’d like to be Chrisão, so obviously, ever since he has been Chrisinho.

Pumpkin‘.  Chrisinho and Anisia, being farmers, tend to wake with the sun and so were generally early to bed; most evenings 9.30 seemed to be bed time.  And so, of course, I asked Anisia what happens at 9.30, “do you turn into a pumpkin?”

On a more serious note, we owe Chris and Anisia a massive, massive thank you. From the moment they picked us up from the airport to the moment they dropped us off again they were fantastic hosts and wonderful company.  It is no understatement to say that without them we’d not have done half of the things we did or seen even a fraction of the amazing things we have seen.   In the 10 days between leaving and returning to Aracaju we covered almost 1800 km, driving in the order of 12 hours a day on the long runs.  On Brazilian roads and dirt tracks that was only really practicable in a 4×4 with two drivers.    But credit where credit is due on  the subject of roads, those in Bahia were consistently the best we’ve seen here in Brazil; the driving not so much but the roads were great!

Sunset over Bahia

And so as we bid farewell to Chris and Anisia and take with us some amazing memories only made possible by such a wonderful couple. Thank You really doesn’t cover it.

Good mornig Aracaju


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