Alghero to Cagliari – Day 2

Thursday night off Tharros was rather uncomfortable. The wind continued from the east most of the night not dying away until about 5 am. That position is only properly sheltered if the wind is from anywhere other than the east!!

Tharros in the morning

However, in the morning the forecasts were all good again and so we decided to continue on south and we set off at just before 9 am.

Leaving a buoy is simple; far easier then catching the thing! You just let two lines and you are away, so within 15 minutes we were under sail, with an engine to assist.

And that was it for the rest of the morning with the wind behind us but not quite enough to get us to Calasetta on the Isola Antioco before dark.

Then, after lunch we spotted dolphins. We love dolphins but who doesn’t?

Valeria’s squeals of delight sound like she’s trying to speak with them; Portuguese, Spanish, a little Italian and basic Dolphin and who needs Google Translate! There were two of them, one bow each, and they spent about 10 minutes inspecting our nice clean hull!

Probably a coincidence but shortly after they left the wind shifted and steadied from the north west at 10 to 12 knots and we were off, wind on the quarter, Code Zero out making 7 to 8 knots at times!

Pan di Zucchero rock

We sailed right up to Calasetta, dropping the sails and creeping into a shallow anchorage off the harbour entrance, all done by 5.30.

My new markers on the anchor chain proved useful; although the chain counter is still accurate it is good to have visual confirmation as well.


Hopefully tonight will be far more pleasant than last night. The scenery is not so appealing but at least the cutlery and dinner dishes don’t have a mind of their own.

Tomorrow we have more favourable winds forecast and will be sailing for just 6 hours to get to Porto Teulada and on Sunday to Cagliari.

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