Alghero to Cagliari – Day 3

Day 3 of our voyage to Cagliari started bright, breezy and still rather chilly.

Calasatta may not have been the most picturesque anchorage but it looked a little nicer in the morning.  It also served it’s purpose allowing us quiet night. Best of all, with only 30 miles to sail to Teulada, 6 hours, Valeria could have her lay in as well.

We left at just before 11 and our day was completely uneventful, other than the wind hugging the coast as were we and each time we changed course, so did the wind so that it remained stubbornly right behind us the whole way, and I mean directly astern. Annoyingly the wind built to 15 knots and I couldn’t keep the main sail up as the wind was flicking it from side to side, so we spun round, dropped it, and motored the last half of the journey.

We dropped anchor at 5 pm outside Teulada harbour, over looked by an old stone watch tower, the Torre Budello, on the headland; if you don’t look at the harbour it is very picturesque!

Torre Budello

Teulada is a rather large harbour in the middle of absolutely nowhere. It is home to some fishing boats and some yachts but there doesn’t appear to be anything else here at all; other than a nice big harbour wall to anchor behind out of the wind. We’re looking forward to another quiet, restful night, with a late start in the morning for our 6 hour trip round to Cagliari.

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