Farewell to Zeynep and Steve

We had a late start on Friday only intending to make our way round to Nea Limani, or the town of Thassos, a 5 hour trip. I sent Dave a text telling him of our plans and he sent back one saying ‘we had a thunder storm here last night, shook all our olives from the trees’. Do tell ……….

As this was to be the last day of my temporary promotion to Senior Crew Guy, heaving up the anchor was simple, I just gave the tool bag to JCG Steve and asked him to do the honours! Dead easy.

We left Akili at 1130 and immediately found sailable wind, but we had to motor after an hour or so as the wind dropped and moved round to the south east, behind us.   This unfortunately left the swell which simply had the main sail banging from side to side, so we lowered it completely.

But the wind kept rising and, having mentioned the Cruising Chute often enough to Zeynep and Steve I figured we’d get it out and try to fly it. Unfortunately the motion of the boat in the swell had got to Zeynep, strange on her last day, but she perked up at the mention of the Chute.  Steve and I dropped the Code Zero into the sail locker, hauled out the Chute, rigged it, hoisted it and deployed it.   The wind was only about 8 or 9 knots but it was quite enough to fill the sail and get us moving.   We had it up on its own and even managed a gybe, Senior Crew Guy on the helm, Junior Crew Guys on the sheets. Again Zeynep was taking fantastic photos!

We reached Nea Limani at 4 pm and tied up. There was nothing on the jetty at all in the way of electricity or water and no sign of a Harbour Master. I figured they’d find us and Steve and I started bagging the Code Zero and the Chute. Next thing we knew was Dave and Jane arrived!  My last words to Dave as I left work 2 years ago were “See you in Thassos!”, and we did!!   They came on board and we showed them around

In planning our arrival I figured that Nea Limani, a ferry terminal, would be ideal for Zeynep and Steve. However; with local advice and some Internet research it transpired that Prinos, about 10 miles further round the island was better and if we got there that evening they could get the 7.30 ferry on Saturday morning, giving them more time in Thesaloniki. Apparently Ataturk, founder of modern Turkey, was born there and Zeynep had always want to visit his museum.

So, Dave and Jane left, we slipped our moorings and motored swiftly round to Prinos and anchored for the night, going ashore for dinner, beaching the tender directly across the road from Zorba’s Taverna. It was a pleasant last evening together, but not too late as we had an early start in the morning.

I was up early to make sure the tender had fuel and was clean then at 6.30 started ferrying Steve, Zeynep and their bags ashore to the jetty directly opposite the ferry.   We said our goodbyes and that was it, back to being just Crew Guy.   I returned to the boat and began to write up the Log from the day before and read the last log entries by Steve and Zeynep saying how much they’d enjoyed their trip. Very touching and much appreciated.

Windependent from the morning ferry from Prinos

Thanks to Zeynep and Steve for their company and help (and my temporary promotion) making for a great trip through the Agean.