Corinth to Ormos Anavissou

We left Corinth at 9 and set off towards Ormos Anavissou where we planned to anchor close to the small town of Palaia Fokaia and wait for Zeynep and Stephen.

This took us through the anchorage off Piraeus and then across the Traffic Separation Scheme on the approach to this huge port to reach the north coast of the Saronic Gulf.  There we turned south towards Ormos Anavissou and Palaia Fokaia, arriving at about 5.30, anchoring off the harbour entrance with a couple of other yachts.

Ormos Anavissou

We spent the night at anchor and the following day, Thursday, cleaning and tidying the boat, doing laundry and then going ashore for some shopping and lunch.  It was also an opportunity to reconnoitre the beach and harbour to find the best place to pick up our guests; as this would be done at night I didn’t want anything too complex!   Just before it got dark I set off for the beach to wait.

At about 9.30 Zeynep and Stephen arrived, having successfully followed Valeria’s illustrated directions. As soon as he arrived Steve apologised because he didn’t know the secret password for the ‘covert extraction’ from the beach, but this confused me no end because he then said “We’ve brought Pimms”, which was in fact, the password!

Although the beach was easier for me, it would have meant them wading out to the boat knee deep, and just off the plane, neither were equipped for that.  So, I did the first run to the boat with their bags, containing the Pimms, and then a second run into the harbour to pick them up from the quayside – you note my priorities!

By 10 pm they were on board and settling in and being ‘briefed’ on lifejackets and our passage plan.

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