Glossa is a small mountainside village over looking Loutraki, the other port to which we were considering going to wait out the strong winds.   Our new neighbours had told us it was worth the bus ride there to look around, have lunch and catch the following bus back.  But I get ahead of myself.

Our first full day in Nea Klima was spent doing not a lot, Valeria was still trying to shift her migrane and the heat wasn’t helping; mid thirties all day with no wind whatsoever.   Happily just the other side of the harbour wall and about 30 metres from us is the beach and a very invitingly cool sea.  We did some shopping between dips, and I caught up on some blogging,  but we did not a lot else until the sun went down when we took a walk around the village,  not a challenge!


So on Sunday we decided to visit Glossa.  The bus runs from Skopelos to Loutraki and back, before repeating the journey; there is one bus and it does the journey 5 times a day.   The timetable is handwritten and makes no mention of Sundays, so I asked at the Harbour Master / Car Hire office if the bus ran on Sundays. The lady simply said ‘Yes, it’s the summer’.    Being English and used to a variety of different week day, week-end and bank holiday time tables the concept of either a summer or winter one was refreshing.  I get the impression that if I ‘d asked when the summer timetable ends the answer would have been ‘when the winter one starts’.

Glossa is about 20 minutes away.  It is a quaint old mountainside village with steep, stepped streets and a quiet, relaxed atmosphere.  There is little specific to see or do, it is just nice to wander.

Along the coast towards Nea Klima

There are quite a few arty crafty shops in the village and we found one, run by the artist Vassilis, who had used an old pair of window frames to frame a painting depicting what could easily be a ‘Tarphat’.   He took a photo of mine and may be using it as a model ………..

Glossa town centre

Our wanderings took us up to the town centre, a typically minute main ‘square’ having the church on one side and a restaurant on the other two.   But we had already booked our spot for lunch in the Agnanti Restaurant lower down in the village over looking the coast; we only had a series of starters but it was excellent!

Table with a view ….. from the Agnanti

We then caught the bus back for a refreshing dip in the sea, it was that or stay on the air conditioned bus all the way to Skopelos and then back to Nea Klima on the return journey!

And now the weather …. Apparently the islands are experiencing their highest temperatures in quire a while, but as we check the forecasts that is likely to change.  Valeria has a web site forecasting Force 9 winds, 41 to 47 knots, on Monday night on the north of the island.  My GRIB files suggest a more reasonable 35 knots, only a Gale Force 8.   Here in Nea Klima it’ll be more like 25 knots, a Force 6, classified as a Strong Breeze darling.   Valeria is convinced my use of the term ‘breeze’ is incorrect ….. but anything from 5 to 25 knots is a breeze of some sort, according to Admiral Beaufort.

Weather forecast for Monday night

And so we settled down to await the Breezes ……

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