Nisos Skopelos

From our quiet little bay in Milia on Alonnisos we set of at about 10.30 for the next of the Sporades, Nisos Skopelos.  I marked out a series of bays and two ports, Neo Klima and Loutraki as possible overnight stops before finding somewhere to shelter from the forecast ‘challenging sailing conditions’ due on Sunday night.   Our basic plan was to spend a night on Skopelos before crossing to Skyros to wait out the weather.  Happilly our plan didn’t work out.

Valeria still has her migrane and wanted a night without rolling at anchor so we skipped passed the anchorages and headed towards the first of the two ports, Neo Klima, arriving at 1.30.   This seems to be the optimum time to arrive somewhere to get a berth or a spot to anchor as everyone else is out for the day and on arrival we found a virtually empty town quay; only 5 other boats in space for 20!

We moored and, very shortly after, decided that we’d stay here to wait out the coming gales, now due to run through into Tuesday, or even Wednesday.  The harbour wall offers excellent shelter from northerly winds and Neo Klima is another of these villages you can see virtually in its entirety from the harbour.   There are shops and tavernas close by, with electricity and water on the quay.   

There is no harbour master and the credit keys for the electric and water are available from a car hire shop about 500 m up into the village!!!  However,  we have found that it is cheaper for us to run the generator than use the electricity, primarily because our electrical ‘wants’ include occasional air conditioning, the battery charger and the TV for the last few episodes of Game of Thrones, all of which are rather hungry!

Neo Klima town quay

So, we settled in for the duration and on Saturday other boats started arriving to take their places for the gales, including some other British yachts, one parked each side of us.   One of them had just been over to Skiathos to drop friends at the airport and spent a night there before running back here; it sounds like the Greek version of San Antonio in Ibiffa init!!!

So, as the berths slowly fill up we are feeling pretty confident that Plan B is looking bether by the hour!

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