Elounda, or Skhisma,  is the small town at the southern end of the Spinalonga Lagoon.


Arriving on Monday we had experienced some rather strong winds rolling off the mountainous Ak Ay Ioannis and Valeria didn’t want to risk even stronger gusts delaying our departure for Ayios Nikolaos later in the week, so we left Spinalonga on Tuesday.

Venetian Fort

We circumnavigated the island of Kolokitha, which forms the east side of the lagoon, and re anchored in Ormos Porou, as the crow flies only a mile from where we’d been.    We had a look in the four bays around the island on our way as we may have to return here to wait out the westerly winds forecast to blow for the majority of next week before we set off again, headed towards the northern Ionian.

Unknown to us before we arrived in Ormos Porou there is a small canal that cuts the isthmus which joins Kolokitha to the mainland and so we put the tender in the water on Tuesday evening and took a trip back into the lagoon to visit Elounda.  Passing through the canal we found a small restaurant on one bank and decided to stop there on our way back.

We found a minute section of beach, just big enough for two or three tenders and the two restarant tables already there, ‘parked’ Windy and went for a stroll.  Elounda is a tourist town but quite appealing despite that.  There are umpteen restaurants, some of which look quite pleasant and we think there could be worse places to wait out the wind than here.

Canal between Spinalonga and Porou

Before it got too dark we set off back to the canal; it is only about 6 metres wide and the entrance is between two virtually submerged walls.  There is a road bridge then the remains of two bridge supports for an old collapsed one, right before the restaurant.  There was a low wall alongside the canal which we tied up to and managed to get the last table for a light dinner.  The restaurant was called ‘Kanali’ and was really very nice.  We booked a table for 4 on Saturday for Valeria’s birthday treat.



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