Lavrio and farewell to Solange

Olympic Marine marina from the bar ….

The Olympic Marine marina is just south of the port of Lavrio and although rather more expensive than we have become used to it is secure and is somewhere we can leave Windependent when we go to Malaga.

Unfortunately, once tied up, we had some unexpectedly strong winds which somehow managed to open the furled Code Zero and within minutes rip it to shreds.   We heard an un usual flapping from forward and before I could get the sail down the damage was done.  It is irrepairable.

Shredded Code Zero

The rest of our week was spent with some maintenance jobs, preparing for our trip to Malaga and spending a little more time with Solange on Monday and Tuesday.    And then it was time for our farewells as they headed home to the UAE and we set off for the wedding of Tabatha and Rafael!

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