We’re off!!

Over the last weeks of April there has been a palpable feeling of ‘leaving‘; the ‘Winter Community’ has been diminishing as boats have been leaving in dribs and drabs to start their summer cruising. Some off to the west for Scicily and Sardinia, Chris and Sue in ‘Nimrod’ heading  north to the Adriatic and Croatia and others, ourselves amongst them, heading east for Greece.

Our ‘plan’ was to leave with a favourable wind for our over night passage to Othoni, on Thursday 26 April, but …. we were still waiting for a delivery which we ordered two weeks ago.   On Friday, with only one brief period of settled weather approaching we cancelled  the order and started making plans to leave on Monday, 30 April.

Being a few days late setting off and the likelyhood of less than favourable weather conditions next weekend, we have decided to give Corfu a miss and head straight for the island of Paxos and the lovely bay of Lakka at the north of the island.  This is slightly further from Roccella than Othonoi at 180 miles so in order to arrive in daylight we’ll aim for a 6 knot voyage speed rather than 5; that should see us there by mid to late afternoon on Tuesday.   We’ll stay there for a couple of days until our next ‘fair winds’ before continuing south for Lefkas and Cephalonia.

We’re also now trying to predict where we’ll be when friends have asked to visit and it looks like we’ll be in and around Kos by the end of June to meet Lu and Sara.   We’ll visit Turkey in July and be back to Kos for August to meet Jean, Vania and Alex.

But before that we are looking forward to spending May in the Ionian before heading south around the Peloponnese for Milos, the first of the Cyclades.   Hopefully we can meet up with our friends Keith and Tracy in Cephalonia and Grahame and Jane in ‘Scarlett‘ in Kythnos.

We have been a really pleasant time in Roccella, entirely due to the people we have met and become friends with.   But now it is time to go.   And so, having just had our farewell BBQ aboard ‘Purr’ (awesome name for a Cat) hosted by our friends Charlie and Sue, and said our farewells to those still waiting for their own departures we are well and truly set to leave.

Our first visitors of the year

Rockin’ those shades

On 4th April Zilda, Elliott and Sophie came to stay with us again; their second visit.   I got the train to the airport, picked up the hire car and brought them back to Roccella.   Zilda was somewhat concerned that 8 days on the boat trying to keep Sophie and Elliott entertained and supervised might be too much of a challenge and so was researching Air B&B as a ‘Plan B’, but she needn’t have worried; Angelic Sophie and Saint Elliott were far too busy having fun exploring the castle, playing on the beach, hunting bears in the woods, enjoying ‘Movie Night’ in the Club House and playing in Windy to need much supervising.  They were even suitably tired at bed time!

Elliott has mastered looking cool in a boat …..
… and Sophie has the Royal Wave down pat !

As ever it was fantastic to see them and we look forward to their visit next year !