Our next destination was to be Selimiye about 7 miles from Kuyulu Bükü.  Zeynep’s guide  suggested 1 or 2 days here and as the wind was forecast to be uncomfortably strong from the west until the weekend we figured we’d follow her advice.

Again the PB info was dated and we did a tour of the bay looking for a mooring spot.  The bay is very deep until close in shore and so anchoring free was going to be difficult as those spots were taken.    All of the quayside was full, most of the jetties too; I figured the empty jetties were empty for a reason.  We wanted to be close to the town and so we found ourselves a spot in the south east corner of the bay, anchored and took lines ashore.

Although crowded Zeynep’s advise was good.  We went ashore a couple of times for wander and a couple of meals and enjoyed both.  Selimiye seems to be a Turkish holiday resort and the vast majority of the boats in the bay appeared to be Turkish, the gulets obviously disgorged large numbers of people but over all it was a quiet, peaceful place..

Selimiye from the Poseidon Restarant
Selimiye from the Poseidon Restarant

We were tucked out of the way close to the Poseidon Beach and Yacht Bar, close enough for their Internet which was better 100 m off than it was sitting on their jetty.    We asked about mooring on that and were told the last ‘guest’ had run his AC continuously, overloaded the electricty supply and nearly burned the hotel down.  Possibly an exaggeration but no is no!  But the staff were nice and the food was good and anchoring cost us nothing but some fuel to run our AC a couple of times!

Seliemiye was once a small fishing village but has grown with the tourist trade and it was a pleasant place to spend a couple of days swiming and relaxing.   We’re not sure if the forecast winds blew or not as the bay appears very well sheltered and we aim to leave for Bozburun on Saturday morning as originally planned.

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  1. Hello there
    What a beautiful place
    Hope you guys have a wonderful times and great experience!!!
    I look forward to seeing you soon,

    Best Wishes


    1. Hi Mel. We are enjoying ourselves, hard not to really. hope you are well and we are looking forward to seeing you all again in October. Take care. Chris and Valeria. x

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