Lift out in Lefkas

With the weather returning to more normal conditions we hosted an ‘Après Storm’ BBQ (we always find a reason for a BBQ) on Saturday evening, inviting our neighbours from Rusty and Magnificat.

Colin, Glenn, Lynn, Jean and us

Having arrived here our friends Grahame and Jane from Scarlett had told us to look out for their friends Lynn and Glenn in  Magnificat; we didn’t need to look too far as we had moored beside them!   The BBQ went off well and a good time was had by all and now both are heading for their winter berths, Magnificat to Ágios Nikolaos on Crete and Rusty to Preveza.

We had a few more days in Lefkas before we head on to Roccella as the engine service revealed a leaking seal on the starboard sail drive – the leg on which the propeller is mounted.  This was allowing water into the gear box and the seals need to be replaced; a job  requiring the boat to be taken out of the water, which is obscenely expensive.  But not as expensive as replacing the salt water damaged sail drive.

We were lifted on Tuesday and being unable to stay on the boat while out of the water Valeria found us a B&B for Tuesday night.  Once in the boatyard Valeria went off into town to find our hotel and I stayed to ‘supervise’ the work.   In addition to having the sail drive seals replaced I also had the sail drives themselves cleaned of marine growth then anti fouled and our new ‘bumpers’ fitted.     These are not the most aesthetically pleasing things but they will protect the stern from intentional and unintentional contacts with quaysides.

New grey bumpers and clean props

When the fitters and mechanics went home I joined Valeria for the evening and we went to our favourite restaurant in Lefkas, the Taverna Eytyxia, happily directly across the street from the B&B.  This is the oldest Taverna in Lefkas and the food is fantastic!

On Wednesday I went back to the boatyard as the guys completed the work and by 2 pm we were being lifted back into the water.

This was an unavoidably expensive end to our season, but with newly serviced engines and sail-drives our passage across to Roccella should be trouble-free, especially as we have a two window of light and moderate south-easterly winds; they’ll be right behind us the whole way!

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