4 days in Bobovišče

Since leaving Roccella we have been moving on an almost daily basis and as Bobovišče is a really nice little place we decided to stay for a few days. This would give me a chance to do a little light cleaning and some repairs.

The hull was covered in fender marks and needed to be cleaned and so with my new ‘glass lifters’ to help keep the tender against the hull while I cleaned I spent a morning scrubbing and polishing out the dirt and marks left by the fenders. Wasn’t much point in doing it in Roccella as the fenders were still in use!

My repairs were to the cover for the tender. It’s getting on for 5 years old and certain areas are wearing out where they are chafed. So with my now functioning sewing machine, right sized needles for the right thread, I set about patching it.

Then I had a spot of light salvage work to do. Seventy or so metres ahead of us is a fancy RIB on a mooring buoy. But on Thursday morning I noticed that the RIB was actually drifting passed us towards the rocks. I hopped into our tender and grabbed a hold of it but trying to tow a 7m RIB with a 200 hp engine on the back in a 5hp inflatable was a challenge. But we got it alongside and rang its owner. He had left his very expensive toy tied to a buoy with just one piece of rope which had simply worn through. He was very grateful when he turned up and showered us with a whole bottle of wine!

We have now settled on Monday morning to move onto our next anchorage in Necujam on the next island west of here called Solta.

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