Barra de São Miguel

On Wednesday morning, the 6th, we left Aracaju in the pouring rain heading north towards the seaside town of Barra de São Miguel, in the state of Alagoas which is about 30 km south of Maceío, the state capital. It was a drive of about 250 km, or 5 hours.

We had been invited to spend a few days at Valeria’s cousin’s holiday home in Barra de São Miguel. The five of us, Ermida, Anisia, Zil, Valeria and I arrived by mid afternoon and were met by Josemary and her grand- daughter Beatrix. (Mary and Bea)

Barra de São Miguel

Mary and Everaldo’s house here is a three bedroom bungalow with an open kitchen-diner-garden set up. The weather here doesn’t warrant more than an awning over the kitchen diner and that is more for sun protection, any rain can be pretty heavy but is short lived.

We spent almost 4 days here, every one on a beach. Mary’s house is 100m from the sea and maybe 500 from the nearest beach bar, Barraca do Manoel, and so when not visiting other beaches we made good use of that!

The area around Maceio has a number of inland lagoons and the main feature of the shore line is a reef running for miles along its length about 100 metres off shore. It generally covers at high tide but between high tides it shelters the beach from the swell and the constant onshore wind. This provides almost idyllic bathing in warm, still water, between ice cold beers, coconut water and assorted snacks.

Barraca do Manoel

Praia do Gunga

The Lagoa do Roteiro is just south of Barra de São Miguel and on the south side of the entrance is the headland and beach of Praia do Gunga, accessible via a view point over looking the coast with awesome views over the coastal coconut plantations.

Unfortunately the beach at Gunga is a massive tourist trap with exhorbitant prices, itinerant salesmen and banana boats, but away from the beach bars the scenery was fantastic and despite the drawbacks we spent a pleasant afternoon there.

Praia Bonita

On the opposite side of the entrance to Lagoa Roteiro is Praia Bonita, a narrow strip of sand between the beach front houses and hotels where the mangroves spread into the sea.

On to Arapiraca

First thing Sunday morning Zil and Anisia returned to Aracaju. It was lovely to see Anisia again and great to meet Zil. Unfortunately we’ll not see them again before returning home.

Jader, Bea, Mary, Valeria, Everaldo and Ermida

The next stop on our trip was to be Mary’s home in the city of Arapiraca. We spent Sunday morning at Manoel’s awaiting the arrival of Mary’s husband Everaldo who drove down from Arapiraca to join us all, and after shutting the house up we set off at about 4pm for the drive to Arapiraca.

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