Bobovišča is a small village harbour in a double headed inlet on the west end of Brač. It is described as being pretty but also ‘on the charter itinerary’; but then everywhere here is!

We arrived at lunch time on Wednesday, and found a choice of a tiny town quay, some mooring buoys or a free anchorage. We anchored and ran our lines ashore and settled down in what was a delightful spot. We are moored almost in the corner of a little bay surrounded by trees, rocks and cicadas. The water is clear and the village is 5 minutes away in the tender.

The inlet divides into two other inlets; Vičja Luka, apparently the site of Greek and Illyrian occupation and the village of Bobovišča na moru. The village is pretty and tiny; it has two restaurants a cafe and what can best be described as a corner shop.

Although the charters come and go it only seems to get really busy mid week and so, as we are now killing time waiting for Solange we figured we’d stay here for a few days before moving on.

Our little corner mooring is really nice and despite having to ‘advise’ muppet charters not to drop their anchor on ours on a fairly regular basis we have decided the pros out weigh the cons

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