We left Stari Grad on Tuesday, 2 July, heading north to the island of Brač. We were aiming to visit the little port of Bol which is close to the famous beach of Zlatni Rat, used in almost all Croatian tourist guides.

Allegedly Zlatni Rat is one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. As we passed it we figured it would have been very pretty if not for all the blow up unicorns, inflatable toys and water slides to keep the hoardes of visitors amused! Not to mention the charter and day trip boats anchored close to the shore.

Arriving at Bol, the port was crowded with more daytripper boats and the harbour wall didn’t look overly inviting so we elected to take up one of the mooring buoys off the harbour and then take the tender ashore for a loom around.

Unfortunately the wind picked up to a steady 15 knots for the afternoon and evening kicking up a bit of a chop which would have made or trip into town in the tender a rather damp affair. So we stayed on board, settling down to enjoy the charter boat antics as they tried to pick up the other mooring buoys. Happily these were all downwind of us so there was no chance of them drifting onto us as they missed their approaches, repeatedly.

So with Bol a bit of a non event we had an early night and set off in the morning for a small bay at the west end of Brač called Bobovisce.

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