Felicia Leirner Museum

Felicia Leirner was a Polish born immigrant to Brasil. Born in 1904 she arrived in Brazil in 1926 becaming ‘one of the most important artists in the country .. and achieved several national as well as international awards’ .  Her museum was set up in 1978 in open park land in Campos do Jordão where she worked for the rest of her life to fill it, dying in 1996.  

She was a sculptor but her artistic skill is lost on me I am afraid.  Her work is, what I would describe as, abstract, or modern, and individually her pieces simply confuse me. Even collectively they leave me thinking ‘why?’.   That said the parkland in which the sculptures are set is lovely, the walk was very pleasant with great views from the top of the hill.

The actual woodland is a nature reserve which is home to numerous plant and animal species, including 3 endangered birds.  We saw a couple of Toucans, which was cool, but photographing them was impossible!

The Felícia Leirner Museum is close to the Palácio Boa Vista, formerly a Governor’s mansion, now a museum.  Unfortunately they only take groups of 25 around at a time and there were 3 school coaches ahead of us.  We had a coffee and went to see some butterflies.

Palácio …
 ……… Boa Vista

The Butterfly Farm, or Borboletario, was a rather small affair attractively named Flores que Voam, Flowers that Fly.  I had sort of expected big colourful butterflies and moths but they were awaiting a new stock.  But it was worth the visit.

And after a fantastic and very busy visit to Campos do Jordão Roberto drove us back to Cotia, anither 4 hours but this time São Paulo’s traffic was waiting for us, rather than Baden Baden beer and butterflies.

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