Hurry up and wait

Once our visitors left I could make a start on my pre season job list, mostly just cleaning up.

But no sooner had Valeria left than our immersion heater failed. No hot water!!!! I had one week before she returned to replace it!

So there was just enough time for a quick beach party ………..

Happily, the heater element was easy enough to find in nearby Giosa so I bought 2, one for next time! They are €11 each in the plumber’s merchant here and over £50 on Amazon!!! The spanner to remove the old one is, however, rarer than hens teeth, likely the plumbers have got them all! I found one on line with a two week delivery date and so had to jury rigged some pipe grips, a jubilee clip, a lever and a rear view mirror to replace the element. The mirror was essential as the heater is under the guest bunk and you can’t actually see the top of the tank! An extra elbow would have been handy as well.

Our major and over riding concern is our navigation instruments. The Insurers sent a Loss Adjuster who agreed we’d been affected by lightening and wrote all the electronics off before leaving me to find an engineer to do the repairs. We are currently waiting for the parts to be got together and they are due to be shipped out in the first week in June, so we could be away by the middle of the month, or not. To be honest this is now getting very wearing.

This delay meant that there was absolutely no rush whatsoever to complete my chores, such as cleaning out the Laundry and Sail Locker, servicing the winches and windlass, a spot of sewing and following Elliot’s advice and polishing and waxing the gel coat.

The UV in sunlight destroys, everything. It turns the nice shiny gel coat dull and so I needed to polish and wax the entire boat. Not all at once and only the upper parts, the hulls are a whole different job.

Then there was the canvas bimini, or roof, on the helm station to repair. It is up for the entire season and after 4 years the UV has got to that as well, weakening some of the stitching and causing the clear plastic windows to crack.

To replace the windows you have to sew the new windows in before cutting the old ones out; that ensures the canvas panel keeps its shape. But that means sewing through 2 layers of plastic and one of canvas which was too much for my new Singer, especially as I can’t find big enough needles! New friends Mark and Ola from Malu Kai, let me use their Sailrite machine which had no problem of course and so we now have 3 new bimini windows and a new windscreen.

I had to do a spot of gardening. When we lifted out in Lefkas last year the hull was remarkably clean so I decided to leave the anti fouling for a third year; it generally only lasts 2. Sitting here in the Marina the hull had grown an interesting selection of plants, as expected, and I will have to lift out again and jet wash the hull almost as soon as we leave. But to reduce the fouling a bit I spent a few hours scraping the hull with a plastic scraper on a boat hook while sitting in the tender.

Look just below the water and you can see out garden ………

Even rationing my jobs to stave off boredom, it is rather disheartening to watch everyone else setting off on their travels while we languish here, because the computer say No! Well actually, if it said anything it would be a result!!!

But there are worse places to be!

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