November in Santos

We settled into life with Dona Ermida very quickly and although we didn’t do a lot it was pleasant to just be ‘living in Santos’.    The weather has been somewhat changeable, not too hot, some times quite cool, very wet with umbrellas of more use that sun hats.

Santos beach on a not so sunny day
But clouds make for great sunsets!!!

We have now roughed our our itinerary for the rest of our stay in Brasil though.  First we are off to spend a week with Roberto and Rose at their house in Cotia, an outer suburb of SãoPaulo; we’ll then go with them for a couple of nights in the picturesque city of Campos do Jordão.

Choral evening at the Pinacoteca Benedito Calixo, next door to Dona Ermida’s

We’re also going to Santizgo do Chile for a week, primarily because we can only stay in Brasil for three months at a time as visitors!    We’ll spend Christmas and New year in Santos and then in the New Year we’re off to Florianopolis in January, ‘the North East’ in February visiting Maceió, Recife and Aracaju.  We’ll be back in Santos for Carnival and will be heading back to the UK in March.

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