Marisa’s week in Cephalonia

Unfortunately, with my ‘hurtie finger’ and a hospital check up I decided it wasn’t really prudent to take a complete novice sailing when not being fully fit; so Marisa and I stayed in Argostoli.  But Marisa was quite happy with a lazy holiday, she starts her new job when she gets back so was looking forward to a rest!

We visited the local history museum, which was really interesting.  The largest ‘feature’ in Argostoli is a low stone bridge about 800 m long across the shallow southern end of the inlet.  It was built by the British between 1810 and 1813, after they kicked the French out of the islands, as a part of the efforts to open the islands up to transport.  The centre piece was a stone pyramid inscribed “To the Glory of the British Nation.  1813” which was defaced by the Italians in 1941.  The museum had a lot of exhibits about the islands history and  extensive coverage of the devastating 1953 earthquake which flattened Argostoli.  
Marisa and I walked across the bridge but there is little on the other side other than the abandoned marina.

We took a bus round to Lassi Beach for an afternoon and on Sunday hired a car to visit the caves at Melansani and the village of Asos.  Marisa had turned up both these in her ‘holiday research’ and although I’d been to Melansani last time we were here, Asos was new to me.

Marisa was really impressed with the caves at Melansani,  and our timing was perfect.  There was no queue when we arrived but numerous coaches had arrived by the time we left and getting out through the entry tunnel was the problem!

Melansani Cave
Myrtos Beach, near Asos

Asos is a village on the north-west side of the island.  It has a small harbour and a large Venetian fortress on the headland.  Had I had all 8 fingers my idea had been to sail to Asos on the way to Sivota, and in settled weather it would be an ideal stop over.  There is room to anchor a few yachts and there is even a small quay with room for a couple more.  The water is crystal clear and the village very colourful and picturesque.   The fort looked impressive  but the walk up to it looked equally impressive and a light lunch proved more appealing!

Asos from above
Asos from above
Crystal clear waters
Crystal clear waters
Marisa in Asos
Asos. Quaint pastel coloured houses above the harbour
The castle over looking Asos harbour

On Monday we  took a drive across to Skala on the south-eastern corner of the island. It has a large pebble beach, the main street is lined with restaurants and although nice enough it was a little too touristy for me.

Skala Beach

We invited Keith and Tracey over for dinner one evening and spent the rest wandering around town sampling the tavernas accompanied by some souvenir shopping.  We also played quite a bit of Backgammon and Marisa managed to beat me rather too consistently!

I also had my hospital check up.  I spent an hour or waiting for the doctor to take one look at my finger, spray it with some ‘magic spray’ and declare “You can work”.  After they revived me I was sent on my way, considerably shaken!!

Marisa and I don’t get to spend that much time together and so this was a really good week for us.  Marisa really liked what she saw of the island and is already considering her next visit.   She is also looking at coming away with Valeria and I next year, hopefully to actually sail somewhere.  Fingers crossed!

Sailing south ….

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