Back in Getxo (continued)

As I said before, we flew back to Bilbao late on Wednesday evening.

Thursday, the 27th, was spend in basic ‘house keeping’; shopping, cleaning the boat, sunbathing and preparing our new cruising chute. I say new, it has been sitting in its bag since the end of May and I have had no chance to rig it up – it is in kit form.   It is a very big sail, 94.3sq m, for down-wind sailing and so I had it stretched along the pontoon so I could get it inside its ‘snuffer’. This is a long case used to cover the sail so it can be hoisted, like a sausage, without it filling with wind before you are ready; the sail is deployed when you pull the ‘snuffer’ up to the top of the mast.   To douse the sail, or, snuff, it you pull the ‘snuffer’ down.   As the wind was light and from behind the boat I decided to hoist the chute and fly it while alongside to make sure it worked properly.  I also wanted to get a look at it because I had only ever it as design sketches for the sail maker, and it does look pretty good!   I am hoping to be able to use it on the way down to Lisbon.

The Brazenglish ensign
The Brazenglish ensign

That evening we sat and chilled on the boat over dinner and some wine and watched the moon rise.  In the distance we could hear what sounded like an artillery barrage; in Spain that means only one thing …. Fireworks!  Unfortunately we couldn’t see them!

Sailing south ….

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