Ceuta to Fuengirola

We slipped at 8.30 am, sunrise and set off for Europe.   A calm and chilly start but the wind picked up slightly and within the hour we had the sails up to help the engines and set off towards the north east for Fuengirola.   A quiet and uneventful 10 hour passage which we spilt into our usual 3 hour watches.   The weather was calm, clear and the wind was annoyingly light.   For the first few hours we benefitted from the east bound current entering the Med, pushing us in generally the right direction and as the day wore on the clouds thinned out and the sun appeared.   Never really got warm though.

Mid crossing we tried running on just one engine to reduce fuel consumption.   We still can make 6 knots with one engine on about 2500 rpm.   Good to know.    I have been keeping both running the same for the service intervals but will now try to run just one at a time on passage.

We arrived off Fuengirola at about 5pm on the 2nd Feb. Fuengirola is a local marina with a few visitors berths, and almost none for Cats.   We were directed to a hammerhead which appeared to be a Ferry Berth, it had a little ‘bus shelter’ and seats!    Good news though, we found a BandG service centre in the marina so I decided to stay for 2 days to try to get my radar fixed, or at least diagnosed.   I also tried to book a berth for the weekend of the Wedding, but they can’t take bookings!      

On Wednesday morning, the 3rd, I made more phone calls and by mid-morning Frank the Technician came and fiddled with the radar, which predictably worked perfectly but also, as predicted, only for two hours.   He had no idea what was wrong with it and Navionics, the supplier, is going to ship a new Interface unit and a radar here.  Frank will change the Interface and see if that works, if not he’ll replace the mast head radar; so we waited.    We had a wander along to the castle, which was closed when we got there and were in search of an ‘old town’.   We found it but it seemed to date from the 1960s. We did find a Brazilian BBQ Restaurant for dinner though.   Fuengirola is a very English ex pat location and as such rather uninspiring. 

Sailing south ….

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