Have received word that the fitting out of the laundry is complete and while we’ve been waiting at home we’ve spent the month buying miscellaneous stuff for te boat, everything from charts to webbing straps, outboard fuels connectors to door mats and pencils to a boat cover for Windy.

We return to La Rochelle on the 28th and plan to depart for Bilbao on the afternoon of the 29th doing a couple of ‘day sails’ down the coast of France; see the Itinerary page for details.

Windependent will remain in Bilbao for August and we will spend a week or so on board at the end of the month  preparing for the next leg of our move south.   Unfortunately Valeria will be busy here but I have found assistance from a couple of friends in moving from Bilbao to Porto in the first week in September.

Windependent will stay in Porto for a couple of weeks before we move on again making towards Faro where I have secured a winter mooring which will be available from 23rd September.

Stand by for more riveting updates next week!




Sailing south ….

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