Practice, practice, practice.

Spent the the 24th waiting for a toilet roll holder, yes, a toilet roll holder, and practicing ‘parking’. This a real team effort with Valeria running around the deck with ropes and fenders while I try not to crash into the pontoons before she’s secured a line.

Manoeuvering a catamaran, with the rudder ahead of the propellor is like nothing I’ve ever driven before, and I have knocked about in a variety of power boats.

So today, Thursday I think, we had one of the Lagoon Staff give me some one to one tuition on Close Quarters Boat Handling.  The only daft question is the one you don’t ask!

That was a lunch time. After lunch we went out for a sail, well the wind was so light it was more like ‘drifting with style’.  She is very easy to handle with everything in reach of the helm. The auto pilot is a novelty but with the sails up, Otto on the helm and Valeria supervising him I had time to check the Water Maker …… And, yes, turning on the taps worked. Ran for an hour and made 1/4 tank of water. Even tastes like water!!!!

Tomorrow will be our shake down cruise, Lês Sable to La Rochelle.

Sables d'OlonneSables d’OlonnePort OlonaThe Marina in Port Olona



Sailing south ….

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