Aliki (Ormos), Thassos, Greece

June 2017

Aliki – 40º36.3 N 24º 44.4 E
Thymonia Beach – 40º36.3 N 24º 43.3 E

Aliki is the eastern of a series of bays on the south eastern coast of Thassos, it the smallest, most picturesque and the most popular.

Aliki itself is about 400 m wide and 700 deep behind the headland Ak. Aliki.  The jagged teeth like rocks off this headland are the remains of the marble quarry that used to be here.

The bottom is sand and quite good holding and on the south side of the bay, at least, there are rings and spikes in the rocks to take a line ashore to if you feel the need.   The north and south sides of the bay close the beach have small craft moorings.

The beach at the eastern end is barely visible below sun umbrellas and this is a very popular tourist beach, the road above can be rammed with cars and the bay packed out with yachts and trip boats.

There is a Taverna at the north end of the beach and a mini market above that.  On the eastern side of the spilt of  land forming the beach are some ruins and a pair of small, shallow rocky coves east of that.

An alternative lies a short distance west and is a large bay with Thymonia Beach at its head.  This is a much larger bay open to the south, sandy bottom and 3 to 5 metres of water until quiet close to the beach.

Both bays are picturesque, Aliki more so if not crowded. Aliki also has the convenient Taverna.

Sailing south ….

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