Anavissou (Ormos), Attica, Greece

June 2017

37° 43.3 N 23º 56.5 E

This is a large bay, about 1 mile deep and a half mile across with the port of Palaia Fokaia in the north eastern corner.

We anchored at the north end of the bay, about 0.2 mlies NW of the harbour breakwater in 3 m of water on sand and rocks, some of which were quite large.  The Pilot Book (Greek Waters Pilot – Heikell R&L) shows the depths here to be irregular and the rocks are the reason.

There are shops and a supermarket north of the harbour along the main road and you can leave a tender on the harbour wall at the northern end of the harbour.   It is a concrete jetty about 1.5 metres high and fenders or protection for the tender would be a good idea.  There are many moorings in the port area which is only accessible by small boats.

You can also land on the beach close by the Port Police office which is the building immediately north of the harbour.

Quite sheltered and the prevailing winds appear to be offshore.  Not a particularly pretty place but you can pick visitors up from either the beach or the port and can shop with ease.

AC – 2017-07-03

Sailing south ….

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