Kastri (Ormos), Evia, Greece

June 2017

37° 58.5N 24º 32.4 E

Ormos Kastri is a small bay on the south eastern end of Evia in the Stenon Kafirevs between Evia and Andros.   It is about 400 m wide at the northern end and provides excellent shelter from the prevailing northerlies but is hard to identify on the approach.

The Meltemi funnels through the Straight and even a 20 knot wind can produce a short uncomfortable sea.

The entrance to the bay is marked only by the jagged rocks on the northern headland and these are not easy to make out from a distance.  The entry is straightforward and shelter is immediate.

We were the only boat in the bay which is quite small.  We anchored in 5 metres of water on sand and the holding appeared to be good.

There is little or nothing on shore, although one of the buildings may have been a taverna.

This is a very quiet, isolated and picturesque anchorage providing excellent shelter from the Meltemi.

AC – 2017-07-03

Sailing south ….

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