Milia (Ormos), Alonnisos,  Northern Sporades, Greece

June 2017

39º 09.7 N 23º 53.2 E

Ormos Milia is a triple headed bay immediately north of Patitiri and Votsi.  We spent two days in the central, and smallest, cove of the three and it was idyllic.  Although Patitiri,  Votsi and Ormos Rousuomi were packed we had Milia to ourselves.

We anchored in the centre of the bay in 4 metres on sand and weed.  The weather was settled and we had no problems with holding although there was a swell running into the bay and with the light evening winds we lay across it for a time. Uncomfortable but bearable.

Although we didn’t have any strong winds this looks to be sheltered from the north but is open to the south and east.

There is a taverna at the head of the cove and the beach is easily accessible by tender, or swimming.

A delightful little cove, quiet and picturesque with crystal clear water.

Sailing south ….

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