Porto Kayio, Peloponisos, Greece

September 2017

SW corner of the bay – 36º25.81N 22º29.11E – caution

South part of bay – 36º25.75N 22º29.17E

Porto Kayio is a bit of a mixed bag. In calm weather it is idyllic and you can anchor almost anywhere, in strong westerlies it can be hard not to drag.

Westerly winds are funnelled through the low saddle of land west of the bay and out of the mouth of the bay with considerable strength. In these conditions head for the far south of the bay and anchor close off the beach.  The ideal location is 60 m from the jetty and 80 m from the beach. The ground is hard sand but once dug in the holding is adequate.   The westerlies only gust in here, never reaching full strength for more than a moment.   There is an old concrete yacht on a permenant mooring just off the jetty and that is reputed to be the best position in any wind.

However; another yacht anchored off the west end of the beach had to take a long line ashore as effectively a second anchor to prevent themselves dragging.

The first position above is prone to dragging, the ground is hard sand, the holding poor and the position is exposed to the wind as it crosses the bay.   In fact any position north of there is exposed.

There are some tavernas ashore, water is available from them, but there is nothing else apart from hotels and guest houses. No facilities whatsoever.

Beautiful location.

Sailing south ….

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