Spinalonga Lagoon, Crete, Greece


Position off Elounda.  35º1573 N 25º43.55E

Position north of Elounda. 35º16.04N 25º43.37E

The lagoon has a micro climate all of its own.   At the entrance you can have 20 knots winds rrolling down from the north off the mountains and once mid way down the lagoon you can have light southerlies.

Similarly, when the westerly winds are blowing along the coast they can tear down from the mountains west of Elounda at 30 knots on one day and the same forecast will prodeuce gentke zephyrs the next day.

However, the holding off Elounda is good, on heavy muddy sand although in the westerlies it is a little exposed.  Further away from town, to the north of the harbour the sea bed is the same muddy sand, good holding but not so exposed.

Water is available from the Day Trip boats skippers and some restaurants.

In town, in the streets around the church you will find butchers and fresh fruit and veg stores. Avoid the ‘tourist’ mini markets, they are overpriced.


Sailing south ….

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