Ahilio, Ormos Ptelou, Gulf of Volos, Greece

July 2017

39º 00′ N 22º 58′ E

Ahilio is a small town with a quay in the southwest corner of Ormos Ptelou at the entrance to the Gulf of Volos.   Although open the the north east and the prevailing winds it is suprisingly sheltered.

There is a short stub breakwater on the north east side of the port which h can take about a dozen yachts, but as it offers the best shelter it is full with local boats and yachts.  The small ‘harbour’ is big enough for small fishing boats.

The Town Quay is about 200 metres long and lays east of the finger jetty used by the day trip boats and island ferries.  These come and go regularly and discharge their passengers who seem to get onto coaches and disappear.

You go stern to the quay on your own anchor. We found 7 metres of water, 50 m off the quay, and the sea bed seemed to be muddy sand.  No problems setting the anchor.   There are, however, few if any mooring bollards and none at the western end of the quay by the finger jetty; you have to use mooring rings; other yachtsmen turn out to help though.

The afternoon winds were north easterly Force 3 touching 4 and although there was quite a slop on the quay the wind didn’t cause us any problems. I would not want to be there in stronger winds though.

There was reputed to be electricity and water on the quay but we found none. There was also no one to collect fees or harbour dues so it was free to stay.

The town itself is small and doesn’t appear to have much to see or do although in the evening half of Greece seems to come to town.   There are a few small shops for groceries and so on but much produce is sold from the backs of pick ups in the street, we assume local farmers and growers.

There are plenty of tavernas and restaurants on the quay but the best one we found was assume the far northern end of the harbour, perhaps 300 metres north of the finger jetty.  It has no name but is the last building as you leave town and has a giant wall sized rotisserie.  English is not widely spoken but that doesn’t matter.  Excellent food and cheap!  Very popular with the locals on a Saturday night.  Worth a visit just for this restaurant.

A bit of an isolated back water but we only found it by accident after having problems anchoring elsewhere.  Good in settled weather, free and has an fantastic local restaurant.

Sailing south ….

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