Galaxidhi, Gulf of Corith, Greece

June 2017

38º 22.6 N 22º 23.2 E

Galaxidi is a small picturesque port on the north coast of the Gulf of Corinth and an ideal location from which to visit ancient Delphi.

The Town Quay is about 100 m long and there are depths of 4m about 25 m from the quay. Go stern to using an anchor. Alternatively there are a series of alongside or stern to berths on the square knuckle at the entrance which is shown on some charts as a ‘fortification’.  It is now a sort of pavilion and some quite large yachts used the northern face of this feature.  There is a group of rather scruffy small boys who will take lines, almost competently, for a small tip obviously

There is water and electricity on the quayside, no WiFi. Harbour dues are paid to a lady who patrols the quayside and works out of a small kiosk towards the north end of the quay on the opposite side of the road from the quayside.

There are plenty of tavernas and restaurants and shops for food supplies.  A bus runs from the town square to Itea and from there up to Delphi.

Galaxidhi is a quaint little town and not spoilt by tourism. Also an ideal base from which to visit Delphi.

Sailing south ….

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