Linaria, Skyros, Northern Sporades, Greece

June 2017

38º 49′ N 24º 32′ E
Port Service and Assistance – +30 69784 09433 – Sakis

Linaria is the port for the island of Skyros and is possibly the most delightful harbour we have found.   Not cheap for a Town Quay but worth it.

This is the main ferry terminal for the island.  The ferry arrives blasting the theme to 2001 A Space Odyssey  over its PA.   It berths on the long quay on the south side of the port by the fuel station which serves both cars and boats.

The quay can take about 15 yachts.  The Harbour Master will meet you in a rib at the entrance.  There are laid moorings tailed to the quay. Power and water on the quay. WiFi is available but is pretty awful but there are plenty of tavernas with WiFi.   The nearest supermarket is in the Chora.

Additionally there are moorings for a further 10 or more yachts along the northern side of the port.  The shelter here is quite good and the port has differing rates for longer length stays.

The water is crystal clear and you are only allowed to use the shower and toilet facilities in the harbour.

There are large sign boards with tourist info on the on the quayside. Hire cars are available and will be delivered to the port. They are basic and ‘experienced’ vehicles but they don’t seem overly concerned about scrstches or minor damage.

You can see the whole,of the town from the quay and it is just a set of tavernas and a few basic mini markets to cater for the ferry passengers and holiday makers.   But it is delightfully quiet, relaxed, picturesque and friendly.

Sakis is the guy who runs the place and is the most helpful and amenable person we’ve met.  He seems to work 12 hour days and is invariably smiling.

There is not much to see or do on the island but the Chora is worth a visit. It is a ghost town between 2 and 5 but is very picturesque.

Linaria is well worth a visit and, although isolated  is ideally located to break a journey no matter which direction you are bound.

Sailing south ….

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