Sounion with Solange

We left Rafti early on Saturday morning heading for Sounion to meet up with Solange, Luna and Mayara.

We set off south expecting northerly winds up to 25 knots by lunch time and had a fairly brisk passage through the Stenon Makronisou but by the time we were rounding the headland with the Temple of Poseidon on it to the east of the bay we were up to 30 knots again as we dropped the sails!  And once in the bay and anchored the winds stayed at that speed most of the afternoon and evening. But we had arrived, almost exactly as planned.

Between the stronger gusts I took the tender ashore and met Solange and the girls on a beach a few hundred metres from their hotel beach which was all buoyed off, then it was back to the boat for a welcome Prosecco!   We’ve not seen Solange since Brazil so she and Valeria had plenty to catch up on and after the boat tour we settled down to a BBQ and later Luna, Mayara and I played Uno until bed time.

Luna had to ‘read her book in an interesting place’ for school.
……….. and so did Mayara !                                       .


We had 4 days in Sounion and spent most of them with Solange, either on board or by her hotel pool so the girls could go to the Kid’s Club.  They spent a couple of nights on board and we did plenty of swimming and snorkeling around the boat. I also took the girls out in the tender and let them try driving it.  Mayara could barely see where she was going but Luna got the hang of it and even drove us all the way to the beach on Tuesday!

Then there was knot tying.  Luna said she wanted to learn to sail, and although we did go out for an afternoon there wasn’t enough wind to sail, so they started learning their knots and some fancy ropework; by the time we left Luna was tying bowlines one minute and making friendship bracelets in sail twine the next!

With only a short trip from Rafti, after 5 days at anchor, we were low on water and with 3 guests, lower still and so we went out for a couple of hours to make some more.  We motored west to Nisos Gaidouroniso, anchored for lunch before returning to Sounion.  Both girls had a go at steering the boat even if there was no sailing!

Reserved parking ……

My big concern in leaving Sounion was not being able to find room on our return.  Over the weekend there had been almost 50 yachts shoe horned into the bay each evening.  However; I needn’t have worried. We found a spot easily and by the time we left on Wednesday morning we were one of only two yachts there!

On the headland overlooking Sounion is the Temple of Poseidon and I couldn’t leave without visiting, so on Tues4day Solange, Luna and I went to have a look. It only takes about 20 minutes  to wander round the main ruins but it was worth it.

Sanctuary of Poseidon

On Wednesday we were set to leave but weren’t sure if Solange and the girls were joining us for the 90 minute trip back round the coast; but happily they did and we were all tied up at Olympic Marine by just after 12.  After booking in we had a visit to the Chandlery so Luna could get some sail twine for her macrame bracelets then we went into Lavrio for lunch.

And that was where we went out separate ways, although ‘So and Va‘ are off for a girly day out on Friday and, hopefully, we’ll see them before we really go our separate ways.  It was fantastic to see them and having Luna tie bowlines in our mooring ropes as we arrived at Olympic was almost like being Senior Crew Guy again!!



2 thoughts on “Sounion with Solange”

  1. It was a wonderful adventure, so much fun for all of us and a great experience for the girls.
    Your a so talented , knowledgeable and passionate about sailing that make everything so easy and more importantly memorable.
    Luna and Mayara will never forget this trip.
    Thank you so much for your hospitality and till next time……, ( Monday lunch????) or maybe another shopping trip with my BFF lol.
    You guys are friends that everyone wish to have and I am so lucky to be one of yours.
    Love you both!
    Luna, Solange and Mayara.,

    1. The pleasure was all ours. We are so glad you enjoyed your visit. Thanks for your lovely message and we look forward to your next visit.
      Love from the Captain and her Crew Guy.

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