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The trip from Alicante to Torrevieja was straight forward and uneventful.  We set off in flat calm conditions and as the day progressed the wind picked up to an ideal 13 knots on our beam, about and hour from Torrevieja.

We’re here for repairs to the watermaker and some ‘snagging’ and the Lagoon dealer had reserved us a berth – it was just big enough for us to squeeze into with fenders each side, if the fenders had been bigger we wouldn’t have fitted!

On Monday morning the technician came to fix the water maker, a defective valve was the problem, but it all runs perfectly now.  While he worked Valeria and I undertook some much needed cleaning.  We then had lunch in the Marina and came back to do some laundry.   So far there doesn’t seem to be anything much of interest in Torrevieja and so our excursions ashore may just be limited to some light shopping.  .

On Tuesday, nothing happened as the Lagoon dealer here had to get Lagoon’s agreement that the door and leaking air con were warrantly jobs.   We went shopping.  We walked along the sea front and then to the supermarket.   From there we went to the Mercado Central which we’d hoped would have loads of fresh fuit and veg at reasonable prices – no such luck.  By Altean and Valencian standards it was very disappointing and more expensive than the supermarket!

Wednesday the guy turned up to finish off the ‘snagging’ and in the afternoon we went to a local shopping centre to do some clothes shopping.

A pretty un eventful visit really, but then Torrevieja only existed as an old watch tower, the Torre Vieja, in the early 19th century.  It was a centre for salt production for most of that century and in the 20th century began to take off as a holiday destination and was then inevitably ‘discovered’ by the expats.

But this now means we are free to set off east again on our return journey to Valencia, planning to stop in Calpe and Javea en route.