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Praia do Curral, Ilhabela

Priscila and Eduardo invited us to share their weekend in praia do Curral. It is a 3 or 4 hour slog down from São Paulo for them and Curral is their retreat from the rat race – and what an utterly delightful retreat it is.

Their house in the hills is a little slice of heaven and the view from their pool is just beautiful; although I would probably tire of it after 10 or 20 years.  The house is virtually unoverlooked and if you look hard you can see a few houses lower down the hillside in between the trees, other than that it is just trees and the sea. Beautiful.

View from our balcony

Pool with a view

Bru, Vá, Pri
Va, Bru


Teresa, Pri, Bru, Chris
Edu, Chris, Ze

But it wasn’t all relaxing because I found a new Portugese tutor in Bruna.   She spent ages helping me read her books. I read Cinderela,  Snow White and Pinochio fairly easily, so easily in fact that ‘minha professorinha’ decided that we should move on to a more serious and technical text, “Creiaturas Magicas’; I was doing OK with the Fairies, Orgres,  Orcs, Goblins and Trolls but was well out of my depth when it came to the varous classifications of Witch!  And, bless her, when I came across a word I couldn’t understand Bru would explain it or act it out for me!

Dinner at Restaurante Portu Brasil.

And all too soon we had to say our goodbyes and set off back to Santos, avoiding the Sunday rush hour at the ferry. We needed to be back for Monday to return the car, wash clothes and pack again before setting off for tye North East.     We had a wonderful visit spent with wonderful people.    Thank you so much Edu, Pri, Theresa and Bru!   We really hope we can return the hospitality before too long.