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Chanon – Genoa to Pisa

Chanon deValois (Summerton) – 15th to 20th October – Genoa to Pisa

Flying into Genoa after the traumatic experience only known by Ryan Air passengers I was delighted to see sun and the marina conveniently located near the airport. Thus saving me from the fun of negotiating with the local taxi drivers to take the most direct route.

Retirement has clearly got a different schedule for Chris and Valeria as my arrival seemed to be much sooner after my scheduled landing than they had expected or perhaps they had forgotten my penchant for being punctual.

However, all was forgotten after the obligatory Windependant (“Agnes bored now”) tour and safety demo and a glass of Italy’s finest Prosecco.

The following day we spent discovering the sights of Genova and looking for the Hard Rock Cafe, which apparently no longer exists! I have shared some of my photographs that hopefully show the winner parts of the local area, marina and locals.


chanon_devalois_photography-001 chanon_devalois_photography-007 chanon_devalois_photography-012 chanon_devalois_photography-013 chanon_devalois_photography-025

A few photographs of the hosting ship and the ‘crew guy’ as well as the views from deck including the neighbours and the evening light. I was most disappointed that the very posh ‘Vicky’ that took up half the harbour and had 16 crew did not invite me to join their ‘jetty party’ as I walked past but felt vindicated when I was treated to a feast created by Valeria while it rained!



We also allowed Chris, the crew guy, the option of choosing the evenings film and he chose a B&W George Clooney film called The Good German. We all agreed that it was rubbish and that the best part was Paul’s well timed text message in the middle of it.

chanon_devalois_photography-034 chanon_devalois_photography-038 chanon_devalois_photography-045

I was really looking forward to getting out on the Med and doing some sailing as it has been a long while since I was in Australia sailing around the Whitsunday Islands but it seems despite out initial optimism in the harbour area, once out on the open road as it were it was tantamount to a mill pond with little wind.

chanon_devalois_photography-047 chanon_devalois_photography-048

We had a little look at the beautiful Portifino on our way to La Spezia  for our evening stop over. You can see how calm the sea is, however poor it was for sailing it was very good for photography!


chanon_devalois_photography-073 chanon_devalois_photography-076 chanon_devalois_photography-084

As we predicted the beautiful sunset we had hoped for previous nights was block on this night by land but we did get a peak at the day old super moon which was pretty nice.

chanon_devalois_photography-094 chanon_devalois_photography-102

You may notice the absence of photographs the next day and that would be due to the confused sea as Chris called it. I missed my calm sea from the previous day, and spent most of the day hanging on to the table, my breakfast, you name it!

However, once we arrived in Pisa I was pleased to see land and a beautiful sunset to boot. As you will see I did get a few photographs of Chris faffing with his boat once I firmly had my feet planted on the ground.

chanon_devalois_photography-106 chanon_devalois_photography-108 chanon_devalois_photography-111 chanon_devalois_photography-115

We spent the next day trekking into Pisa on the local bus which is notoriously unreliable we were told and wandering the streets to find that silly tower that someone never put proper foundations on.

It has been about 21 years since I was last in Pisa and I would say a few things have changed they still haven’t fixed the tower, and the price of admission has certainly gone up. We agreed that paying admission to a church is not ideal and as you can see below I used Chris for scale.

chanon_devalois_photography-133 chanon_devalois_photography-149 chanon_devalois_photography-155

A fine excursion down the Northern Italian coast on the Windependant with the Thorne’s, their hospitality and facilities are truly worth a visit. My top tip for the trip is pack your travel sickness medication and do not let the the crew guy pick the movie.