The Amantikir Gardens, Campos do Jordão

The Amantikir Gardens are ornamental gardens only set up in 2007 by a local landscape gardener Walter Vasconcellos. He travelled extensivey in Europe, the US and Canada visiting ornamental gardens and was inspired to create something similar in Campos do Jordão. There are now some 28 gardens here, drawing inspiration from 14 countries and more gardens are being built.  

The Gardens and a Pousada in town are active supports of local charities and social initiatives.

Apparently the name Amantikir is the local indigenous name for  Mantiqueira, the surrounding mountains.

They have a huge variety of trees from around the world.
This is the Root Garden.  Old tree roots unearthed during landscaping were left to gather windblown seeds naturally, which take root in the roots.
A garden with a view
Funny thing happened on the way to this photo ….. Valeria asked a passer by to take the photo but first asked him if he could speak Portuguede ….. funnily enough he could!
We didn’t try the maze ….  with my navigating skills we’d still be in there!!
This isn’t so much a maze as a ‘sacred path’, apparently found in pre Columbian art.
This is apparently inspired by the French artist Renior
Sky reflected in ‘Renoir’s Lake’

The gardens were really well done and were definitely worth the visit.

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