Meganisi is the question mark shaped island to the east of Lefkas. It is normally infested with boats that shall not be named so we decided to visit while it was quiet. This would be our third visit.

Our first stop was the small harbour of Vathy midway along the north coast. This is small Vathy which is not to be confused with big Vathy on the island of Ithaca.

The trip from Vlikho took us an hour and a half. It was only that long because we were going slowly to give ourselves time to make some water. We arrived by lunch time on Sunday, the 28th, and spent the afternoon waiting for the heat to die down a bit before going for a stroll around the town. Basically it is only what you can see from the waterfront. It is vaguely picturesque with lots of restaurants all poised for the influx of visitors.

Views around small Vathy

On Monday morning we found some credit left on the electricity and water point on the quayside and so availed ourselves of a washing machine load and replenished our water supply. We also did a bit of house work. At about 1 pm we set off for Ormos Abelike about 5 miles round the coast. We anchored by 3pm and broke out the BBQ! It was almost idylic!

Just after we arrived another British yacht joined us and the following day we met Chris and Angela from Otter. In my swimming around I had discovered an old anchor and its chain abandoned on the sea bed; and not a small one either. Chris and Angela are regulars here and were blissfully unaware of it although it could pose a bit of a problem for anyone using a bit more anchor chain than themselves. So with a smart phone, laser range finder and a lead line Chris and I went and ‘surveyed’ the hazard. With the information I made a note on our various Pilotage websites and marked a potential hazard on the nautical charts we use.

Abandoned anchor and chain from a small ship. A bit difficult to make out in 8 metres of water.

With that done it was back on board for tea and medals. Once the sun set we headed ashore to walk the 15 minutes back across the hill to Vathy for dinner!

On Wednesday morning before we left we swapped contact details with Otter. As they may not be able to get back to the UK they may have to stay ‘trapped’ in Greece, so it is possible that we’ll bump into them again. And then we were on our way to Cephalonia, heading for Fiskardo.

Sailing south ….

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