A day sailing.

Learning from my mistakes and sitting firmly on my puppy dog tail we had a leisurely morning  until about 10.30 when we set off for a few hours in the bay south of La Rochelle to give Valeria practice at steering under power and sail.  Wind was Westerly up to about 15 knots and ideal for practising. We tried all points of sail but cannot get much more than 40 degrees to the wind without killing the speed or sail at much more than 150 degrees off the wind. We managed 6 to 7 knots easily on a Reach, dropped off to  4 when Close Hauled but not a bad result.  Practiced taking a reef in the Main Sail, and also ran the watermaker again.

We returned to La Rochelle at about 1.30 pm and made our way up towards the Basin de Chaultiers where Windependent will be for a month having the washing machine fitted.   The Basin has a lock gate and so only opens for around 3 hours around High Tide, hence the early afternoon arrival.

We were all tied up alongside by 2 pm and while Valeria prepared another gourmet meal I washed the boat down. Note to self – ensure saloon ventilators are shut before washing down. Had to sit on the naughty step!