La Rochelle to Port Medoc

Laundry fitted and working!   We set off from La Rochelle a 2pm on the 29th,  just before high tide when the lock gates at the Basin de Chaultiers were opened.  We filled up with diesel and then set off for Port Medoc.    The first leg of the trip was head into the wind, which we can’t sail, and so we had to motor for a couple of hours until we got around the north end of Ile d’Oleron and we able to turn south; then with the wind behind us we were sailing, all the way down to the mouth of the Gironde River where we arrived at about sunset, 9.30 in the evening.

20150729_1_ Sunset“Our first sunset at sea”

When we arrived off Port Medoc, 3 hours later it was completely dark and the marina was virtually unlit.   Imagine a pitch black room with a red light in one corner of the ceiling and a green one on the other corner.   Then know you have to turn sharp  left as son as you pass the red light in case you run into the wall directly in front of you.    We have radar but there is nothing like the mark one eye ball, what I could really do with is a really bright torch ……. well, hold the front page, that was exactly what my colleagues at work gave me when I left, as I was always blundering around in the dark ….  I joked at the time it was so bright it would sear paint at a thousand yards, well I wasn’t far wrong.   Valeria stood at the bows and shone the torch at the wall and I got this aroma of burnt seaweed and fried shell fish.   She held the beam on two plastic boats on their moorings as we passed and melted them!   Anyway, long story short, the torch was a life saver and we navigated into the furthest reaches of the marina to find a berth for the night.   And so, at about 1.30 in the morning, to bed.