Although I’ve said we were in Bayonne, Bayonne itself is a few miles further up the Rio l’Adour than the marina which is at Anglet.   We, however, decided to spend our ‘day off’ in Biarritz and so caught the bus from outside the marina.

I had always associated Biarritz with places like St Tropez and Monte Carlo and in my ignorance had never actually realised Biarritz was in this part of France.   Biarritz is a fairly laid back, boutiquie, chic town, with lots of very ‘fashionable people’ wandering around; not far from my original ideas.   We had lunch and a few beers as we walked around and found our way down to the Port Vieux; and it is the smallest harbour I have seen outside Cornwall; the entrance barely 5 metres wide.Biarritz Harbour

DSC_0018It made me wonder why modern Biarritz had grown up around this tiny port.

Over looking the port is the Church of St Eugine and the square in front.Eglise St EugineBiarritz beach


Biarritz beach to the north, and the coast to the south.


Looking south from Biarritz

As an aside, whilst in La Rochelle Windependent had been moved and the mains disconnected, leaving the freezer to defrost and the food to rot.  The freezer now smells awful.  We have tired cleaning with vinegar, with lemon juice and have now read that cat litter will absorb the smell, so we went shopping in boutiquie, chic Biarritz for cat litter.   Doesn’t quite gel with the image does it?!

The other thing we found was that most restaurants were only going to open at about the time we had to catch our last bus and so we had dinner in the Yacht Club in Anglet, which sounds more impressive than it was, and then returned on board for a night cap as the sun went down.

Sunset over the Rio l'Adour