Downtime 2

Another spell at home means Windependent being left in Getxo Marina. The marina website has access to cameras but they don’t appear to work.

During these three weeks at home we’ve been busy with making arrangements to move from Bilbao to Porto and then on to Lisbon. Whilst in Lisbon I am arranging to have some more work done to prepare Windependent for cruising.

The plan is that we return to Getxo on the 26th and will actually visit Bilbao; we will  also prepare the boat for the trip round to Porto. Mauro will be coming out on the 30th,  Valeria goes home on the 31st and Andy flies in on the same morning.   The plan is then to sail from Getxo that afternoon for the three day passage to Porto.

Once there Andy flies home on the 4th, Mauro the following day and that leaves me with a couple of days to prepare for the next leg to Lisbon.   Alex and Clive are flying out to Porto on the 7th and I plan to leave Porto on the 8th and make a slow 3 day passage arriving on the afternoon of the 10th.   Valeria plans to meet us as we arrive, and  Alex, Clive then return home on the 11th, leaving Valeria and I to visit Lisbon and liase with the boatyard before we fly home.

Whilst Windependent is in Lisbon I have arranged for some further fitting out work to be completed.   Well, when I say I have, I mean Valeria has been emailing the Portugese boatyard and translating their responses for me.   I want to put a division in the ‘anchor locker’ to keep the chain in one place, I want an HF/SSB radio fitted and while we have an electrician we’ll have the TV installed. (Will need to find time to watch it though!)

The biggest of these jobs is the radio installation.  We have a VHF but that is only useful for short range communication; the HF radio allows communications  over far longer, oceanic, distances and gives us access to emails and weather information when at sea.   To use this equipment you have to have a ‘Long Range Certificate’ and I’ll be returning home to do that course on the 16th and 17th of September down in Southampton.

Once that is done we can plan the last leg of our journey down to Faro.